Fan Tan Fun88 Review | Predict Beads, Win Big with Fan Tan Live Tables

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Fan Tan Fun88 – Line ‘em Up!

Try the world-class live version of the famous Fan Tan Fun88 today direct from your phone and computer. Test your luck in predicting the outcome of this classic Asian bead game. Check this Fan Tan Fun88 review and find how unique this authentic online casino game is.

Fun88 India features top-rated casino tables, from card games to famous dice and beads. And yes, the Asian favorite Fan Tan game is now readily accessible from its collection.

Fan Tan Fun88

Fan Tan Fun88 – Line ‘em Up

In partnership with Evolution Gaming, Fun88 India enables you to play the game of chance that originally originated in China. From the Fun88 Live Casino table, you may experience this VIP betting journey with highly professional live dealers.

Sign up for an account by clicking the link on this page. Read more and learn the basic Fan Tan Fun88 Rules and what other opportunities you can enjoy from the website.

How to Play Fan Tan Fun88 Using Your Devices

One of the main advantages of playing casinos at Fun88 is that you can easily access all your favorite games on a single website or app. Fan Tan game is an easy-to-learn casino table game, and it is now easier with Fun88. Check step by steps procedure on how to access the game from its website or using an app.

Steps on How to Play Fan Tan Fun88

Create an Account

→ Of course, first of all, you must create your Fun88 betting account. A single account opens you the opportunity to play all games, from Live Casinos to Sports, Slots, and Lotteries. Use the link on this page to get started and refer to the JOIN NOW button.

Fan Tan Fun88

How to Play Fan Tan Fun88 Using Your Devices

Click Live Casino and Refer to Evolution Gaming Collection
→ After creating an account, add funds to your wallet and fin Evolution Gaming games by clicking the Live Casino tab from the website. For mobile devices, find and click Live Casino from the menu.

Choose Fan Tan and Start Placing Bet

→ Lastly, choose Fan Tan and start placing your winning bet. To place a bet, simply place chips on the table. The betting limit is from Rs 20 up to Rs 100,000.

Double your money by simply predicting the number of beads from the table. Read further on this Fan Tan Fun88 review and learn the basic rules of the game. 

Easy Play – Fan Tan Fun88 Rules

The main goal in playing Fan Tan Fun88 is so simple, as earlier said. All you need to do is to correctly predict the number of beads remaining from the last line on the table once it is sorted in lines of four. Check below and start your best Fan Tan betting experience online!

Fan Tan Fun88 Rules:

  • The game starts by placing a bet on the table.
  • In this game of chance, you can play the basic bet type such as the following:
    • 1, 2, 3, and 4 Beads.
    • Small or Big
    • Odd or Even
Fan Tan Fun88

Easy Play – Fan Tan Fun88 Rules – Live Tables

  • You can click more bets from the table and place to other bet types such as;
    • Nim – Placing a bet with two possible numbers of beads where getting the first number is considered a win while getting the last number is a return of the bet.
    • Kwok – Similar to Nim, but the payout is the same whether the first or the last number.
    • Ssh – Betting with three possible numbers.
  • Bet Type Payout
    • 1, 2, 3, 4 = 2.85
    • Odd / Even = 0.95
    • Big / Small = 0.95
    • Kwok = 0.95
    • Nim = 1.90
    • Ssh = 0.316667
Fan Tan Fun88 Rules

Easy Play – Fan Tan Fun88 Rules

  • Beads from the table are selected from a pile of beads using a cap.
  • After selecting beads, it is then lining up the beads by four using a special stick.
  • The last line determines the winning number of that round and will be placed in the center of the table.
  • Game statistics are also available from the table to help you decide where to bet.

With the Fun88 betting platform, you can enjoy different views and access more bets by clicking the advanced view. Have fun with HD video streaming of its lovely and professional live dealers. Start your journey today by joining Fun88 today!

Fan Tan Fun88 – More Than Just Best Odds

Aside from getting up to 2.85x of your bet at Fan Tan games, you may also enjoy collecting bonuses and rewards offered by Fun88 Live Casinos. Refer to the Promotions tab on the website to access all the featured offers for your favorite casino games.

Fan Tan Fun88

Fan Tan Fun88 – More Than Just Best Odds

Fun88 Fan Tan Promotions

  • 400% VIP Welcome Bonus of up to Rs 100,000
  • 100% First Deposit Bonus of up to Rs 10,000
  • Weekly Reload Bonus of 30% up to Rs 75,000
  • Rs 500 Referral Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions – Fan Tan Fun88

Q: What is Fun88 and the Fan Tan game?

    A: Fun88 is one of the leading casino providers that offers the famous bead game Fan Tan to Indian gamblers. In partnership with Evolution, Indians can now enjoy legal anytime, anywhere.

Q: How to play the Fan Tan game?

    A: Fan Tan is an easy-to-play game in which your main goal is to predict how many beads remain from the pile of four lined beads on the table.

Q: How to access Fun88 Fan Tan games?

    A: Register at Fun88 and visit the Live Casino. Choose Club Evolution and play the listed Fan Tan live tables.

Q: What bets can I place in Fan Tan?

    A: You may bet on basic bet types such as 1,2,3,4, Odd/Even, and Big/Small. Additional bet types are Nim, Kwok, and Ssh.

Q: Will Fun88 still offer more Fan Tan games in 2023?

    A: Yes! Fun88 is currently adding more tables and promotions to its website. Aside from that, in cooperation with their partners, Fun88 continues adding more promos and bonuses.

Conclusion for Fan Tan Fun88 Review

Fan Tan Fun88 is indeed an exciting yet easy-to-play casino game. Try it now by joining the Fun88 club and playing high-quality, world-class casino table games. From your daily profit to Fun88 Fan Tan promotions from the website, you will surely enjoy high earnings while having fun.

Follow what you have learned above on how to play Fan Tan Fun88 game and start playing it using any of your devices, whether phone, tablet, or PC. Join now and win big!

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